Best Formula for Colic (Top 5 Reviews)

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If the baby is having unusually intense crying spans that extends for up to three hours and more, that is the primary sign of a colicky baby. 

It usually begins from first weeks, diminishing when the baby is around 3-4 months after birth. Colic causes have remained a mystery over the years however, some medical experts connect it to allergy, gas or intolerance resulting from the infant formula the baby may be feeding.

Since there are tons of formula brands out there, it may be difficult to identify the best formula for colic babies. We did a research and came up with top formula options that have been proven by parents and experts to calm a colic baby while nourishing the infant with healthy nutrients. 

Best Formula for Colic in 2020

1. Enfamil Nutramigen Hypoallergenic Colic Formula

If you feel like your baby is suffering from colic, Enfamil Nutramigen should be your number one brand to sooth the upset baby.

This one is a hypoallergenic formula that is free from sucrose and lactose. Instead, it is formulated with iron as the major ingredient for sensitive babies for the first year.

There is also ARA, Choline and Omega 3 DHA for brain support- all originally available in mom’s breast milk. It even includes prebiotic for healthy digestion, immune support and allergic management.

Since there’s no potentially allergic cow milk, this formula has clinically been proven to manage and relive colic making both the mom and the baby happier.

Recent study has found it to reduce colic on 90-percent of babies within 48-hours and up to 50 percent in future allergies such as eczema. It is the number one recommended hypoallergenic formula by Pediatricians as extensively hydrolyzed baby formula suitable for CMA patients.


  • No sensitive ingredients such as lactose and sucrose
  • No gas and colicky issues
  • Probiotic for soft stool


  • Pricey but worth it

2. Gerber Good Start Gentle Infant Formula

The Gerber Good Start Gentle is another choice for a colic baby. What stands out about it is how it imitates the gentleness of breastfed milk so it doesn’t irritate the tiny tummies of infants or cause the baby to be gassy.

The formula includes DHA for proper eye & brain development; real veggies, fruits, and grain cereals to give your baby a great heathy start.

We love the added HMO and probiotic that aid in digestion. Not to mention the simple comfort proteins that are easy to break down by the underdeveloped tummies. Your baby will be able to excrete soft stools regularly with less struggle.

If you’re planning to wean the baby, this formula will provide all the nutrients the baby needs for the first 12-months of birth.


  • Complete diet
  • Probiotics aids in digestion
  • Comfort proteins easy to breakdown


  • Can is smaller than most brands

3. Similac Pro-Advance Infant Formula

The Similac Pro-Advance Infant Formula is the leading baby formula that constitutes 2’ FL human milk oligosaccharide that makes it the closest match to breastfed milk.

Since the proteins are simple to break down, babies fed with this formula have been reported to have reduced gassiness and fussiness just after a day of use.

It mixes easily without forming clumps or bubbles that would cause the baby to spit up. You will notice a clear difference in the baby’s colic within a day since the baby will get active and sleep peacefully.

The number one infant trusted brand encompasses Lutein, DHA and Vitamin E originally available in the breast milk for established development of eye and brain.

There are no artificially engineered hormones. The taste is pleasant as well, and choosy babies will most likely enjoy the formula. The package is also affordable when compared to other respected brands.


  • Taste pleasant to most babies
  • No gas and fussy issues
  • Price is affordable


  • Sometimes the seal may arrive broken

4. Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease Baby Formula

The Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease is rich in Omega 3 DHA and MFGM- the only sensitive infant formula with the fat protein blend formerly available in breastfed milk.

The fat protein blend has been approved to lessen colic, gassiness, crying and fussiness within 24-hours. The MFGM in infant formula has been found to foster cognitive brain development like the breast milk according to a clinical study.

Apart from fat protein blend, there is Choline, probiotic for healthy immune and other nutrients for healthiest brain support. It is nutritionally whole for babies for the first year.

Rather than sensitive cow milk and proteins, this formula is formulated with gentle iron. Iron is easier to break down than cow milk thus the baby will not get gassy or colic.

None of the ingredients included is genetically engineered. Besides, the formula milk is simple to prepare and also a perfect choice for constipated babies.


  • Lessens colic in 24-hours
  • Gentle on tummy like breast milk
  • Contains all vitamins and minerals for healthy growth


  • A little costly

5. Earth’s Best Organic Infant Formula

If your baby is suffering from lactose intolerance, you may get this organic formula as a great alternative to breastfed milk.

It is formulated with reduced lactose for easy digestion and to make it closest to breast milk. The primary ingredient is iron for sensitive babies to help overcome gas, fussiness and crying.

It contains Omega 6 ARA fatty acids and Omega 3 DHA naturally available in breastfed milk for the healthy development of eyes and cognitive structures.

There is also prebiotic fructooligosaccharides that supports immunity and lutein for healthy eyes. It is designed to offer a balanced nutrition for the first year.

No artificial favors, fertilizers and pesticides have been added into the formula. It smells great so your little wonder will have no issues taking it as breastmilk supplement.


  • Smells great
  • Easy to digest
  • Non-GMO


  • May not be great for constipated babies

Features to Consider When Choosing the Best Formula for Crying Babies

Types of Ingredients

When choosing a formula for colic babies, the first important feature to consider are the available ingredients. Most formulas are formulated with cow milk that’s closely similar to breastfed milk.

Unfortunately, most babies may be allergic to cow milk prompting you to switch to a different formula. For allergic babies, best alternatives are organic, soy, lactose-free or a reduced lactose-based formula.

Organic infant formula is formulated with natural ingredients while soy milk formula is plant-based. Soy and organic baby formulas are easiest to process by the underdeveloped tummies. You may also swap over to hypoallergenic formula; it is great alternative to colic and allergic babies.

Available Nutrients

Formula for colic nutrients are almost the same in all infant formula milk. The most common nutrients are Omega 6 fatty acids, Omega 3 DHA, probiotics, AHA, and Choline.

Other formulas have unique nutrients not available in other formulas. For example, the Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease is the only formula that’s rich in Omega 3 DHA and MFGM- formerly available in breastfed milk.

When we look at Similac Pro-Advance Infant Formula, it is the leading baby formula that constitutes 2’ FL human milk oligosaccharide that makes it close to breastfed milk.

Basically, the nutrients may be different but they’re all designed to provide a similar nutritional value like breastfed milk.

Powdered vs Ready to Use Formula

Ready-to-feed formula doesn’t require any preparation. You feed the baby as it is. The ready-to-feed bottles are made with a comfy grip for the drinking baby.

The powdered formula on the other hand will require water for proper preparation. It is the most common and pretty affordable than the ready-to-feed versions.

Alternative Remedies to Treat and Soothe a Colic Baby

Calming a constantly crying baby can be extremely difficult. You could try some dietary adjustments, colic drops for babies or convectional medications to treat colic; although it can be difficult to come up with a defined strategy if you’re completely overwhelmed.

Major baby calming tactics and strategies include:

  • A baby swing: the slow rocking calculated movements could help calm a colicky baby.
  • Baby swaddling: Wrap the baby snugly without containing the legs.
  • Lay the baby on the stomach: Attempt to lay the baby on the stomach when he/she is crying. This strategy has been proven to work but do not let the baby sleep on the stomach to avert SIDS risks apparently vulnerable to infants.
  • Modify the diet: If you’re able to do partial breastfeeding, do not consume caffeine since whatever you consume will be passed to the baby through breastfeeding. Also, do away with gas laden foods and daily products.
  • Invest in the right feeding bottles: There are bottles designed with a special valve that limits the amount of air getting into the baby’s tummy while formula feeding. When feeding, make sure you burp the baby from time to time to rid off the gas from the stomach. The swallowed gas has been found to induce colic in babies.
  • Massage: Rub the baby gently at the arms, legs and back. It is an excellent way to calm, relax and make a colic baby sleep.
  • Join a like-minded colic mothers’ group (Like Facebook Group for babies: Sometimes all you need is support to deal with a colic baby. Most of the moms are experienced to offer tips and encouragement that everything will be all right. 

Other possible remedies include: acupuncture, Mylicon drops and white noise machines.

Bottom Line

Dealing with a colicky baby can be emotionally draining leaving you wondering whether you’re the problem or your parenting skills are substandard.

Fortunately, you’re not the only one. It is a common phase that many parents have endured and succeeded. 

Most babies have been found to respond to best formula for colic babies we’ve listed and a combination of the above tactics. Try a different strategy if one trick does not work with your baby.

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