Best Electric Cars for 13 Year Olds [2020]

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If you’re on the lookout for a fantastic gift for your grandchild’s birthday, surprising them with an electric car would be a great way to leave a lasting memory on their special day.

Unfortunately, identifying the right car for the kid’s age and stage can be quite a challenge considering the overwhelming number of electric cars brands currently available in the market.

That’s why we did the hardest part for you by analyzing all the reputable brands of electric cars for 13 year olds to help you decide on the best. With these options, your child will have a realistic driving experience the same way like driving a real vehicle.  

Best Electric Cars For 13 Year Olds (Reviews)

1. Modern Kids Kiddie Roadster 12V

The Modern Kids model is a well-made electric car with only a few pieces to put together right from the box. It comes with 2-motors and a 12V battery rechargeable for 8 to 10 hours with a run time of 1.5 to 2 hours depending on speed and other conditions.

When driving, there are two high speeds and 3 low speeds regulated via parental means if the child is young. Maximum speed ranges from 3-5 mph for use on flat grounds with no grass, mud, or sand.

The newest mode is the 2.4ghz forward and reverse control switch changeable via parental method for the safety of young babies.

One notable feature you’ll appreciate is soft start as well as reliable braking system to reduce the acceleration of the vehicle at high pace. The traction of the rubber wheels is amazing not forgetting the openable trunk and doors.

The car is incredibly comfy featuring soft PU leather seat and 5-point harness safety belt for comfy rides. It even includes LED headlights that shows the way in darkness.

Designed for kids 1-3 years, this car is designed to take the weight of a rider who is not more than 55 lbs. Your child will drive along while listening to cool music via the integrated MP3 player or through external device such as USB or SD card.


  • 5-harness seat straps for safety
  • Speed can be regulated from high to low
  • Putting together is easy


  • Price is high

2. Uenjoy Volkswagen Beetle

The Uenjoy Volkswagen Beetle is a lovely car to introduce your kid into a real-life driving experience. You can use the car both in indoor and outdoor play.

What we love most about it is the fact that the parent can control the car with the remote for the safety of younger kids. As the child grows, they can use the manual operate mode to control the car themselves with the foot pedal.

Shifting the lever to steer the wheel is straightforward. Besides, there are 2-speed options to vary the pace of the car depending on terrain and obstacles.

The favorite part is the double door and the three forward speeds, controllable through parental remote mode for the security of young children.

This is a comfortable car with a thickened base designed for long life. It is spacious to accommodate large kids who as up to 3-years. There’s even a safety belt to fasten the child when sited.

Your kids will love driving at night since there are LED lights to illuminate the way. The best part fantastic to many kids is the FM and music that connects via Bluetooth or USB that function for up to one hour depending on the car speed and weight of the kids.


  • Well-built
  • Parental remote control for kid’s safety
  • Headlights to run at night


  • May not fit two kids

3. Moderno Kids Kiddie Roadster

Like our first review, this one is also from Moderno Kids family, a reputable company in the production of electric cars for children at various stages.

The 12V battery powered car is equipped with 2 motors to provide enough power for boys and girls between 1-3 years. The car body and all accessories are unbelievably long lasting.

The leather seat is well padded and quite luxurious when compared to other models with plastic seats. But the best part is the 5-harness restraint for maximum protection while cruising along.

It features the forward and reverse switch; and a full parental control mode to stop the car or regulate the speed from high to low rate. The car can accelerate from a speed of 2 up to 4 Mph.

There is an MP3 player system that’s compatible with USB, SD card and other external devices such as android, iPad, iPod and iPhone. With the unrivaled options, your child will listen to their favorite tunes while riding.

Real LED headlights will help the kids see the potholes while riding around the backyard. The traction bands are amazing as well on all surfaces. Connecting the seat, wheels, tray, steering wheel, side mirrors and windshield is a breeze.


  • Metal-framed sturdy car
  • Padded leather seat
  • 5-point harness


  • Cannot be driven on grass

4. Uenjoy 12V Licensed Mercedes Benz

This one is a stylish car for 1 to 3-year kids when operated exclusively on parent mode. It is also a favorite choice for bigger children 3-5 years since they can safely ride via the shift lever and foot pedal.

The car is equipped with 2 – 12-volt motors to power the rear wheels. When full, the rechargeable battery is long life to power the car for a max of 3-5 kmh.

Parents can control the car into 3 forward speeds as well as on the reverse for safe driving. It can carry up to two kids which is a practical design of real vehicles.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor adventures, this car is equipped with a spring suspension on the rear and front wheel for a smooth and comfy ride.

You’ll love the double lockable door, the parental control mode as well as the safety harness belt all designed to offer your child the safety they need while riding.

Your kids will love the integrated MP3 player system where they can preset their favorite songs. You can also connect a portable music device like USB to play the songs of their choice.


  • Spacious for 2 kids
  • Battery runs for many hours when full
  • Great LED lights


  • Instructions manual not great

5. Best Choice Products Kids 12V

Like other electric cars for kids we’ve reviewed, you can allow the kid to ride the car manually, or control them safely with the help of the remote.

With remote control, you can regulate the forward and reverse movements as well speed setting from the comfort of a backyard bench.

One feature that will impress you is the spring suspension system on wheels for a comfy ride on dirt, grass and other outdoor adventures terrains. There’s even a seat belt as well as head lights to light up the way for a wonderful ride.

The stylish model is constructed with a strong non-poisonous plastic that survives for many years. You’ll also love the rubber band on the 14-inch wheels intended to increase the traction on every terrain.

What’s more, there’s an in-built AUX outlet where the kid can insert the media devices of their choice and have their own selection of their favorite music.

Assembling the separate pieces after unboxing is easy-peasy. When assembled, the car weighs 65 lbs, taking children who are 3-8 years


  • Remote control is great
  • Speed setting is spot on
  • Wheels traction is excellent


  • We wish it was a double seater

What to Look for When Shopping for an Electric Car for Kids 1-3 Years

Safety and Comfort Features

Even though there’s constant supervision from the parent, your child should be safe in the event of an accident. One important feature is the harness system to reduce the risk of the child falling when the vehicle is in operation.

Also look at the traction bands as this will prevent the car from sliding after a sudden stop. Don’t forget the headlights to light up the way when in outdoor playing. The car body and all the accessories should be well-made from quality materials.

In terms of comfort, we suggest a leather seat that’s well-padded rather than plastic that’s apparently uncomfortable after lengthy rides.

Remote Control

Pay attention to features controllable via remote especially if the child is young. The most important feature is the speed setting. The parental remote mode will let you regulate the car speed both in the forward and reverse as well as the stop switch for your kid’s safety.

Single vs Double Seater

The size of the car will determine if it can fit two kids or one child at a time. You can also tell by looking at the number of car seats included in the model.

Note that there are options for one kid, two kids or multiple children for parents with more than one child. You may also look at the weight to see the total weight it can carry.

Long Life Battery

At full charge, most batteries will last the vehicle for a lengthy period of 1.5-2 hours depending on variables. The most notable variables are the cars speed and the entertainment features.

The best battery is rechargeable for a length of 8 to 10 hours to last the entire day intermittently without running out.


You can choose from pickup tracks, real cars amongst other options inspired from real vehicles. There are versions for girls and boys as well as unisex models.

Entertainment Features

Currently, most brands include their models with entertainment feature in the form of MP3 system that compatible with external audio devices. Advanced models allow you to plug the smart phone, USB flash and SD card so the kid can listen to their favorite audio collections while riding along.

Bottom Line

Apart from providing the entertainment value, the best electric cars for 13 year olds are a good way to enhance the child’s motor skills, eye coordination and other development milestones.

With the many options, you can choose from remote control models commanded by parents as well self-drive cars that bigger children can drive without your help.

Make your child experience the fun just like you do and help them develop the driving responsibility while they’re young.

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