5 Best Dockatot Alternatives [2020]

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The Dockatot Grand is the favorite baby lounger to many parents. The reason why it is amazing is the sturdy sides and incredible cushioning. 

Unfortunately, the product is pricier than other loungers and most parents are not ready to spend more.

In this Dockatot alternative review, we’ll take a look at the best baby loungers for parents with less budget.

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Best Dockatot Alternatives Reviews

1. Snuggle Me Organic Lounger

The Snuggle Me Organic Lounger is an amazing alternative to the Dockatot to create a comfortable sleeping environment for your little wonder.

This one is an organic baby lounger constructed from certified hypoallergenic fabrics for babies who may be allergic or sensitive to chemical products. 

The inside is polyester fiber fill for everyday comfort when the baby is resting. The outside lounger’s cover can be removed for washing.

Great for newborns and infants 0-9 months, this Lounger is designed to accommodate the child’s torso and the head while the legs hang on the lower edge.

The lounger is designed to be supportive by keeping the baby in the safer supine position without interfering with the baby’s spine.

The sides are cushioned to make the baby feel like they’re being held or hugged. They’re a little elevated as well to stop the child from rolling over unless the child is crawling.

The sides aren’t too high though as to cause suffocation. You can still watch over the baby from a distance as you pursue your other chores.

It is lightweight to take away with you for sleepovers instead of travelling with a crib, Pack N Play or baby bassinet. You can even use it as a changing station or for baby tummy time.


  • Supportive sides stop the baby from rolling
  • Comes with removable cover for washing
  • Lightweight


  • We wish it was larger for bigger babies

2. Lulyboo Bassinet To-Go Metro

The Lulyboo Bassinet To-Go Metro is another fantastic option to take with you at the park or beach to rest the baby besides you while you have a good time with friends.

The construction fabric is quite sturdy; and the whole product is of sufficient length so you may use the lounger for a significant period as the baby grows. This fabric is breathable and machine washable.

It comes with soft high side walls to eliminate those worries that your baby will roll out in the middle of the night.  

The plush, cozy bottom is water-resistant just in case you unintentionally rest the lounger on damp grass at the park.

It even comes with an adjustable 2-position canopy to shield your baby from wind and bright sun rays as they play or nap. The canopy can be taken off if it’s not necessary.

But the best part is the overhead set of dangling toys that plays a vital role in sensory stimulation while captivating the baby at the same time.

You’ll love how it instantly transforms into a lightweight backpack for simple transportation for you to create a comfortable familiar sleeping spot wherever you go.


  • Portable
  • Hanging toys entertains the baby
  • Canopy protects the baby from solar rays


  • Bottom padding is a little thin

3. LOAOL Baby Portable Lounger

The LOAOL Baby Portable Lounger is a pocket friendly alternative for Dockatot. The design is womb-like to cradle and lure the baby to sleep with lesser frequency of holding.

The entire baby lounger is skin-friendly featuring a super soft cotton cover with hassle-free zippers so you can separate the cover from the pad for washing.

Like other popular loungers, there are cushioned bumpers to give your baby a sense of security during the night. The barrier created gives the baby a cozy and safe space to sleep without the parent’s disturbance.

It eases the transition from crib to bed since it gives the child a sense of security in the newly larger beds. It is incredibly comfy for the baby to nap or relax during the day.

What makes it the best is the cord at the edge of the bumpers that loosens to increase the size of the lounger as the baby grows.

The product is lightweight to carry along for sleepovers to help your baby feel at home. It is even designed with a handle on top to help you carry the lounger conveniently when travelling.


  • Safe and comfortable
  • Top handle for carrying  
  • Zippered removable cover for washing


  • We wish there was more padding on the sleeping area

4. CuddleNest Mighty by LoLueMade

Unlike Snuggle Me Organic Lounger, the CuddleNest Mighty is a suitable lounger for toddlers from 9 up to 36 months. It’s an excellent choice for babies transitioning to bed sharing and supervised baby crib to bed.

The product is well-made and a lot wider hence there’s plenty room for the baby to grow with it. The high sides allow you to sleep next to the baby and you won’t roll over and awake the baby.

It is cushioned on the sides and it’s therefore a perfect spot for resting, cuddling, playing and for quiet time.

Designed with high quality fabric, the outer cotton cover is soft and incredibly breathable. The hypoallergenic polyester filler does not include toxic substances that would cause the baby to be allergic.

The best part is the certified ultra-safe mattress pad that’s created with the right level of padding and firmness. It has passed all the safety testing regulations as SIDS risk free.

The product is lightweight to use anywhere with your little wonder. You can even take out the friendly dust cover a lot easily for washing just by opening the zippers.


  • Breathable
  • Base pad is comfy
  • Wider to grow with the baby


  • Not cheap

5. Abreeze Baby Lounger for Bed

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to Dockatot, then you won’t go wrong with the Abreeze brand.

Like Snuggle Me Organic Lounger, this baby lounger is manufactured with hypoallergenic filler material, which is non-toxic to skins of sensitive babies.

The lifted sides snuggle the baby imitating a similar environment like the mother’s womb. It cradles the baby nicely like the mother’s arms which makes it a favorite choice for babies with sleep issues.

The combination of the soft cotton fabric, safe organic filler and high sides will provide a serene safety environment for sound sleep. The breathable fabric outside doesn’t get overheated nor expose your baby to SIDS risks.

You’ll love the sewn in handle for portability convenience in outdoor co sleeping. Besides, you can co sleep with the baby safely without the worry of rolling over.

When messed, the entire wrapping outside comes out for machine washing. The decent material can as well be hand washed instead of running it in a washer.

The versatile baby lounger can also work as side sleeper, changing station, bassinet for bed, playing place or as a tummy time mat.   


  • Breathable
  • Incredibly comfy
  • Cover can be separated and washed


  • Cover may be hard to put back after washing

What to Look for When Shopping for The Best Dockatot Alternative

Construction Materials

Hypoallergenic and organic materials are the best for sensitive babies. Chemically laden products may cause itching and allergic symptoms when they come into contact with the sensitive skin.

Mostly, the outside cover is cotton but it can be another material. Just make sure it’s sufficiently soft and comfy and does not overheat the baby.


There are small models exclusively for infants as well as longer ones that grows with the baby from birth to toddlerhood.

You should determine whether you want an infant lounger that outgrows the baby after a few months or one that grows with the baby. However, it should fit perfectly between both of you without taking a huge space in the king or queen size bed.

High Sides

The elevated sides will stop the baby from rolling down at night. They position the baby centrally and make the child feel like they’re being cuddled the same way like the mom’s arms.

They also give the baby a sense of security that the environment they’re changing to is secure since it is similar to the crib. This makes transitioning into larger bed from crib a breeze.

The bumpers help create a familiar sleeping environment to the baby everywhere they sleep whether at home or away.

Removable Cover

Zippered models are the best when it comes to taking the cover out for laundering. But make sure the material is soft and derived from high quality fabrics. Stay away from those material that get discolored from frequent washing, or do not clean easily after a series of spit ups or diaper blowouts episodes.


If you’re contemplating to travel a lot, you need to look for a model that’s super light or not excessively bulky.

Another important feature that you need to consider is the top carry handle to hold the lounger and transfer to another place so your baby can nap and rest safely where you are.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to Dockatot, these models will solve the problem and excel in your expectations. 

Despite the few flaws, these choices are comfy and will provide the secure feeling exactly like the Dockatot brand.

In fact, most parents have found these Dockatot alternatives totally worth it and far much better at the reasonable price than the Dockatot Grand.

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