Top 5 best Crayons for Toddlers [2020]

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Kids love scribbling some funny arts on the ground. With crayons, it’s a good way to nature and build on the baby’s artistic skills

There are tons of crayons brands each coming with a combination of vibrant colors to win the baby’s and the parent heart. If you’re looking for the best crayons for toddlers, check out our favorites sets that will turn your baby’s thoughts, imaginations and feeling into vivid details.

Why Crayons are Important

Develop the baby’s Imagination: Crayons are vital tools in child development. For a 3-years toddler, the crayons will help the kid to turn their imagination, ideas and feeling into arts.

Educational Purposes: The products are a good way to train the kids on how to think, distinguish and even name the various crayon colors. The baby will learn how to match and differentiate the different colors. In other packages, the egg crayons are contained in a tray and the child will have a great time attempting to match the egg crayons by shapes. 

Establish the Motor Skills: With crayons, the baby will learn how to hold, grasp and coordinate the eyes and hands while drawing. Will time, they will develop skills on drawing, writing or reading through mumbling.

best Crayons for Toddlers (Reviews)

1. Lebze Toddler Crayons

If you’re looking for perfect holiday gift for your kid, the Lebze Toddler Crayons may be your number one choice. They’re an easy way of providing fun while sharpening the baby’s mental and creative skills.

The package consists of 24-colors to help the baby establish the color vision. These crayons are created with a twisted style but they can’t break from the middle so they’re useful for long.

They are easy to grip since they’ve squarely been designed for the tiny hands. When drawing, these crayons runs smooth with less effort.

The scribbles are cool and clear since the colors are made to be superbly bright. But the best part are the caps that are made to be a little wide to avert potential swallowing risks.

There’s even a hollow part at the cap intended to prevent suffocation at the throat in the event of any accident.

In case of any mess, it cleans easily on walls, bathtub, ceramic tile or cloths with a damp clothing. We also love the fact that they’re nontoxic since they’ve been created with natural wax. Thus, there’s no need to worry in case the baby tastes the crayons deliberately or accidentally.


  • Vibrant bright colors
  • Glides smoothly and easily
  • Mess cleans easily


  • May have potential choking hazard to small toddlers

2. Muscccm Finger Crayons for Toddlers

The Muscccm Finger Crayons are favorite choices for toddlers over 3-years. Unlike the Lebze brand, this package is slightly less containing 12-vibrant colors for a beautiful textured art.

The crayons are specially designed for the small fingers of children and kids. The palm grip is made in such a way that they are easy to hold and glide. The crayon does not stain the fingers but in case it does, erasing the mess is as easy as ABC.

Every piece is strong and can’t break even when it’s chewed. They can fall on a ceramic floor and remain in the same form without breaking.

Even when it is tasted, the crayon is safe since it is constructed with non-toxic material that is edible. It means there will be no toxic response when it is eaten but will be ingested and excreted as normal waste.

They’re even made with a tiny hole that passes through the middle to allow the passage of air when it is swallowed unintentionally.


  • Simple to hold
  • Colors are vibrant
  • Crayons are strong


  • Less color options

3. Walnut Tree Infant Love Crayons

The set is comprised of 9-vibrant colors and 36 varieties of color combinations. The different colors will help the baby blend the colors; express their thoughts in scribbles and inspire the baby to be creative.

These crayons are small to fit in the tiny hands so that it is simple to hold and scribble. However, they are not too small to expose your baby to choking risk.

The best part is the creatively created hole at the middle for breathing issues should the baby swallow a crayon accidentally.

We like the fact that the colors are washable in the event the baby draws on the areas they’re not supposed to draw.

Not to mention how the manufacturer has thoughtfully constructed the crayons with nontoxic materials just in case the baby attempts to eat or taste it. The fact that it is food grade means it is safe even when it is bitten and your baby can play with the products the entire day.

Overall, the crayons are strong and they will last way longer when compared to most crayons in the same price range.  


  • Easy to erase
  • Small to fit in tiny hands
  • Safe ingredients


  • We wish they were more sturdy

4. Lebze Jumbo Crayons for Toddlers

The crayons are rounded with a unique shape that makes them convenient for the tiny palms. Even though they’re small, the crayons are made in such a way that they’re difficult to brittle when the child is playing.

They draw beautifully; but the most amazing part is how it removes easily when used on wrong surfaces like walls.

The stack is a combination of 16 different colors to help the baby establish their thinking skills on the various blend of colors, imagination and creativity.

The safety of crayons can be a big issue since babies have the tendency of inserting anything into the mouth. But there’s no need to worry since these crayons are CPSC Certified as non-toxic.

You’ll love the huge container that will help you organize and store the crayons when they’re not in use. The container is cute so you can offer the package as a gift to parents with toddlers at birthdays or holiday occasions.


  • Silky and easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Special container for storage


  • The sharpened part is susceptible to breakage
  • May be pricey to some users

5. Jar Melo Washable Crayons

If you’re looking for versatile crayons, then you may want to consider this package. There are 24-colors in the set to help nurture the baby’s artistic skills and explore an astounding range of creativity.

The colors are smooth and vibrant to help the baby transform the thoughts into vivid details. The varying colors will help the baby develop a skill in color recognition and enhance the baby’s knowledge.

The drawing is smooth, bold and incredibly beautiful. You’ll love the hollow cap to let the air pass down the trachea in the event the cap is swallowed.

We like the fact that the crayons are made with safe ingredients to be used for body painting and not worry even when the baby bites.

You can use the crayons on face makeups in birthdays, masquerade, themed parties, games, Halloweens and more. Removing the crayons marks is easy with a damp clothing or water when it is used on unwanted places. 


  • Bright variety of different colors
  • Creates bold and quality arts
  • Marks wash off easily


  • Packaging is tight

Considerations When Shopping for the Best Non-Toxic Crayons for Toddlers

Color Combinations

Crayons are available in lots of vibrant and bright colors. They should be able to draw marks that are bold, even and quality. The best crayons are designed to glide smoothly, painting like paste with no run off. You won’t regret this kind of purchase since the baby will be able to learn and distinguish the different colors.

Number of Crayons

There are packages with as few as 8-crayons to as many as 24-crayons and more depending on brand. With plenty crayons, the baby will have an array of colors than when the crayons are few to meet their drawing demand.

Are They Sturdy?

The baby will most likely play with the crayons so it is important to ensure they’re well-made. Some crayons are made to be sharpened at the tip while others are designed to be used the way they are. No-need-of-sharpening crayons are better since they’re less vulnerable to brittleness.


Typically, babies will mostly insert anything they come across into the mouth. If the material is toxic, it may have adverse impact on the baby’s health. When shopping for crayons, make sure they’re indicated as non-toxic. With safe ingredients, the baby can taste or bite the crayons and you’ll have no worries as a parent. The best safe material for crayons is food grade wax.

Wrap Up

As the kids grow, it is important to help them establish their physical and behavioral skills. The use of crayons is an excellent way to entertain the baby while inducing learning at the same time. These tools will help sharpen the baby’s creativity in a significant way.

The Lebze Toddler Crayons are our favorite crayons. We love their comfy grip and how they glide well with less effort.  In total, there are 24-color options to help meet the kids’ drawing needs.

All in all, we hope you identify the best crayons for toddlers that helps transform their world of imagination into reality.

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