Best Cooler for Traveling with Frozen Breast Milk (Top 5 Reviews)

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If you’re a nursing mom and contemplating to travel a lot, your baby will probably need more than one bottle milk to last the entire trip.

For that reason, you may need a unique bag to pack the bottles since milk is a precious commodity that’s vulnerable to spoilage when subjected to unregulated temperatures.

Fortunately, there are specialized bags created to keep the baby’s milk fresh, cold and safe for travelling moms. Here, we’re going to take a look at best coolers for frozen breast milk that will help maintain the baby’s milk constantly fresh despite the weather conditions.

Best Cooler for Travelling with Breastmilk Reviews (2020)

1. Teamoy Double Layer Breastmilk Cooler Bag

The Teamoy Cooler Bag is our number one choice for moms who are on the lookout for an amazing product to keep the breastmilk cool and fresh on the go.

It is designed with a wipeable nylon material that resists water in case of rainfall or leakage from reaching the bottles and other items. The lining of the material is hot-pressing to help maintain the milk warm; and the ice pack that divide your stuff to maintain them at a cold temperature for several hours. 

This one is a huge bag with a double layer design to accommodate up to 6-baby bottles of 9oz at the bottom compartment. There’s also a space on the upper compartment where you can preserve your lunch along with snacks.

The best part about the cooler bag is the two-way zippers that make inserting and removing the milk bottles and ice pack a breeze. It is even equipped with a back and front pocket to help you store your tiny items for easy retrieval.

What’s even amazing is the handle strap for a quick grab so you can carry the cooler as a handbag; and the shoulder strap that lets you carry the breastmilk travel bag as a crossbody bag.


  • Compact
  • Leakproof
  • Lots of storage spaces


  • May feel bulky at times

2. Zohzo Breastmilk Cooler Bag

The Zohzo Breastmilk Cooler Bag is another fantastic stylish cooler bag for travelling moms. The cooler bag comes with ice pack that helps to keep the milk safe, fresh and cold.

The favorite part about the ice pack is its height and the contoured shape that keeps the bottles as close as possible to best keep the bottles cool and fresh.

It can fit 4 tall baby bottles that are 8-12oz contrary to most cooler bags in the same price-range. Retrieving the bottles is easy since the bag is built with zippers that opens wide to easily access the items.

The bag is roomy, sturdy and fairly lightweight so it doesn’t feel bulky when it’s full. The outside fabric wipes clean when it is messed after a long day of travelling.

The material is waterproof to contain every mess from reaching the other items. The bag is sleek with a convenient handle so you can carry the bag along with other stuffs on your way to work or daycare.


  • Size of the bag is perfect for tall bottles
  • Height of the ice pack keeps all bottles cold
  • Cleaning is easy


  • May fray with time

3. Momcozy Insulated Baby Bottle Bag

If you’re on the lookout for a versatile bag, then you may need to go for Momcozy Insulated Baby Bottle Bag. There’s a bottom compartment for milk and the top part where you can preserve the snacks.

The insulated compartment can be detached if you want to convert the bag into a lunch bag, trip or camping bag, wine carrier and more. For that reason, you can use the bag for other purposes if you’re no longer pumping.

We like how it is constructed to be tall to suit tall milk bottles then close nicely without an issue. You’ll love how the bag unzips widely to help you fit and remove the tall bottles.

Since this is a multipurpose bag, it is huge with front and side pockets to fit all your baby’s breastfeeding products for use on the go. The best part is how you can wear as a crossbody bag when you have other items to carry with you to the daycare.

The cooler bag is well-made with thick material to last all your pumping journey. It is cute, stylish and can fit every bottle type by all the popular bottle brands.


  • Ice pack is removable
  • Multi-purpose
  • Spacious and well-made


  • We wish the zippers were a little sturdy

4. Meichoon Insulated Bottle Bag Cooler

Like our previous review, this one is a multifunctional stylish cooler bag that can be converted into a shopping, hiking or travelling bag.

The bottom part can fit a huge ice pack and enough bottles for use on the go. The good thing is that the cooler does not compromise the key nutrients available in the milk.

We like the big capacity that comprise of big compartments and a bunch of smaller pockets to fit all your baby’s breastfeeding and diapering essentials.

One outstanding feature is the zippered design that opens wide to help you access the base or pack the breast pump and baby bottles a lot easier.

But the favorite feature amongst the moms is the lightweight and portable design without feeling heavy; and the adjustable strap that’s easy to alter to suit the shoulder’s needs.


  • Roomy but compact
  • Opens wide to access the bottom
  • Adjustable shoulder straps


  • We wish the bottom of bag would detach

5. Medela Breastmilk Milk Cooler

The Medela Breastmilk Cooler is a popular choice among the parents since it is one of the top recommended brands by Physicians in the US.

The package comes with one huge piece of icepack that is contoured like the bottles; and 4- 5oz Medela bottles it is designed to comfortably hold.

It keeps the milk safe and fresh for a maximum of 12-hours if the baby is not a faster eater. If you’re contemplating to travel or go out for family outings, the ice pack will keep the milk safe all day.

The milk cooler bag is constructed from non-toxic microfiber material. It doesn’t contain PVC and BPA. 

Another notable feature is the solid fabric material that will last all through your bottle-feeding journey. The only downside about this bag when compared to others we’ve reviewed is that this one is a little compact so it may not accommodate a lot of baby essentials or tall bottles.


  • Compact bag
  • Contoured ice pack
  • Pumped milk doesn’t spoil


  • We wish the bag was larger

How to Choose the Best Cooler for Frozen Breast Milk

Ways of Cooling

There are three ways to preserve the milk depending on how the cooler bag is constructed. The most popular method is the use of ice pack. Here, an ice pack is inserted to keep the milk cold, fresh and safe in the outdoor trips.

The next method is the use of gel lined coolers. You’re supposed to refrigerate the gel overnight ahead of use. For that reason, they’re not that convenient for random trips.

A rare but efficient choice is the use of portable refrigerator bag. The method will need you to connect the bag to a power source or car battery to maintain the milk at cold temperatures.


The best cooler bag is divided into at least two large compartments: the upper and bottom parts; and a back & front pocket. There are a few models with other extra pockets to meet your storage needs.

Additional pockets are essential to store your snacks and other baby accessories so there will be no need for an extra lunch bag. We suggest you pick a cooler bag that fits short bottles as well as tall baby bottles of 9oz.

Waterproof Lining

The purpose of the lining is to shield the rest of the stuff in the event of mess or leakage. A waterproof bag is easy to wipe since the wetness will not penetrate into neighboring compartments.


When shopping for a cooler bag, check the design of the shoulder straps to see if you can wear as crossbody bag. The reason for this is because you probably have to carry some other things with you as you head to the daycare.


A versatile cooler bag can be transformed into a regular bag if you’re no longer pumping. You should be able to detach the divider and use the bag for ordinally purposes.


With the myriad of cooler bags available, there’s no need to worry if you want to go out on a road trip with your little wonder. There are tons of cute and stylish coolers for breastmilk that will match with your outfit.  

The best cooler for frozen breast milk will ensure the milk is fresh without compromising with the nutrients therein. At the colder temperatures, the milk can stay for as long as 24-hours.

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