5 Best Baby Sign Language Books [2020]

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Understanding what the baby wants and how to respond to them can be quite a challenge. Are you interested in learning how to communicate with your baby before they can express themselves verbally?

With a sign language book, your baby will be able to express their needs and you’ll be able to address their frustrations with no guessing.

We have selected the best baby sign language books that will help both of you communicate and understand each other on every aspect of the daily life.

Best Baby Sign Language Books [Reviews]

1. Lane Rebelo Baby Sign Language

If you are on the lookout for a resourceful book to give your baby a charming start into sign language, then this book will work amazingly with you.

Since a baby is not able to communicate, the only way they can deliver information is through the use of gestures. This guide has put together 101 tips to help you understand the baby’s language.

For new moms, this book will be helpful in getting you started from the basics to sophisticated baby language. It lays down only the useful topics essential in the daily life by even illustrating with pictures.

You’ll like how it addresses the baby at various ages so you’re able to know when to use a specific sign on the relevant age. It even combines the derived lessons in a song to help your baby deeply understand the signing language. You will understand different baby signs such as milk, eat, bed, bath time and more.

The strategies are simple to follow for moms who have little time on their hands. Within a short period, both of you will be able to understand each other on the happenings of the daily life.


  • Easy to understand
  • Illustrations are great
  • Simple to locate chapters


  • Small infants may take time to understand

2. Sara Bingham the Baby Signing Book

This is a step-by-step guide that will help the baby express what they want and the mom to understand the baby’s needs.

It starts off with the basics for a little baby then goes up to address the needs of bigger babies. There are lessons for babies from birth time up to when they are three years and above.

The book instructions revolve around 5-distinct areas that include: hand shape, palm orientation, body space, facial expression and more. It is simple to understand every illustration and instruction.

What we like most is the handy dictionary that consists of 450 ASL signs laid on alphabetical order. Every sign is demonstrated by tips to help you understand and remember the baby signs language.

You’ll love the last part of the book that’s comprised of songs and rhymes that involves both of you to help you remember and put to practice what you’ve learned.


  • Age-specific signs
  • ASL signs easy to teach the baby
  • Practical, easy to understand illustrations and instructions


  • We wish there were more signs

3. Laura Berg the Baby Signing Bible

This one is another amazing book to enhance the bonding between the parent and the baby at the early age. These step by step guidelines will help you communicate with the baby before they can talk their needs.

The front part is remarkable, giving you clear ideas on what you’ll learn while the back is some fascinating ASL pictures and descriptions on how to remember the baby’s signs.

By the end of the book, you will have learned up to 400 signs. You will be able to communicate terms such as eat, milk amongst other descriptions.

The illustrations are simple to follow and understand. But the best part is how it outlines the development milestones to suit the babies of different ages.

It is practical, incorporating games and songs to make learning a memorable experience. It comes along with real-life experiences from successful parents.


  • Illustrations simple to understand
  • Entertaining songs and games
  • Organized dictionary


  • You need to wait until baby can show sign of communication

4. My First Signs

This book will help the baby develop the essential skills to convey and communicate their emotions early; and relieve the mom who have had the problem of understanding her baby’s needs.

Illustrations and instructions are clear and simple to follow for a baby who is as little as 7-months. Signs have been simplified for the baby to understand easily.

After reading this book, you can talk your baby to eat, milk, more/all done, bed-time, sickness and much more. There are up to 40-signs helpful to baby who cannot communicate with speech.

You’ll also find basics that prompts the baby to respond when you communicate. The favorite part are the adorable pictures with practical illustrations of babies doing the sign which is a good way to make them memorable.

This one is a cute book which is very attractive to the baby. It is a large book so it may not fit in a purse. But you’ll love the sturdy design to survive the daily use.


  • Adorable pictures
  • Clear illustrations
  • Sturdy than regular books


  • Some signs may be difficult for baby to understand

5. Baby Sign Language Basics

The Baby Sign Language Basics is made of over 300 ASL signs that are illustrated in an easy manner for better understanding. The book is simple to understand or follow since it is illustrated with pictures and descriptions.

It covers everything that’s relevant to an infant up to the toddler age. You’ll be introduced to essential signs you should start with and how you should move to complicated signs as the baby grows.

The book will train you on how to initiate signing until you’re an expert. From facial expressions, hot, careful and more.

This book is designed to be baby-specific. There are games and songs that makes learning entertaining. There’s even a video detailing everything that’s contained in the book.

The techniques are interactive so that both of you can learn how to communicate and understands the baby’s signs. You can even carry the book with you in a diaper bag or purse to memorize a few signs within the day.


  • Sign clear and easy to understand
  • Dictionary arranged in alphabetical order to check words quickly
  • Convenient to carry


  • Some signs may be irrelevant to the baby

What to Look for When Shopping for a Baby Sign Language Book

Total Number of Signs

The more the number of signs, the more comprehensive the book will be. In the end, you’ll be able to communicate to the baby in more diverse ways on a lot of aspects. Longer books can be used by older children as well who do not hear or speak.

But make sure the book isn’t complicated for both of you to understand. The format should be simple for the babies to comprehend and memorize.

Illustration Photos, Games or Songs

The baby will remember the lessons better when they’re communicated in pictures than text. Additionally, pictures are quite enjoying to look when you want to capture the baby’s attention. You’ll also be able to engage the baby a lot more and help them establish their visual and motor skills.

Each sign should be accompanied by an illustration to accurately understand and sign the word. The benefits of songs and games is to help memorize the lessons derived at the end of the book.


There are tons of baby signs language books but some of them can be quite complicated to decipher and guide the child along. With the above books, you won’t have trouble memorizing and signing the words. The baby will be able to sign their frustrations and you won’t have to guess any need they want addressed.

The best baby sign language book will train you on every sign that helps you and the baby understand and communicate to each other on every matter pertaining to the daily life pf a child before they verbally do it.

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