6 Excellent Bassinet Alternatives

So you have a bassinet but you want something else you can use interchangeably with it. You absolutely love it and that’s why you want something similar.

But you don’t want bed sharing. You can’t trust yourself not to roll over your little one at night. That’s why you’re here seeking for best bassinet alternatives.

Not to worry. And don’t sweat it. There are lots of options available. Depending on preferences, one of these might be what you need for your little one.

Best Bassinet Alternatives

1. Crib

Cribs are the safest for baby to sleep in – provided you do not include the blankets, toys, stuffed animals and other materials that may suffocate.

Nowadays, most cribs are convertible. Meaning, you can turn them into toddler bed to accommodate a growing kid.

That been said, you can decide to shop for crib with a changing station such as the Storkcraft Portofino or the one without such as the Dream on Me Convertible crib. Note you can detach the extra features when your baby grows and you don’t need them.

What I love about baby cribs are the solid high side walls to lock baby in. Plus, it is unlikely you’ll find a crib that is not sturdy.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Convertible and huge to grow with the baby
  • Assembly is straightforward


  • Most cribs are pricey
  • Most are really heavy

2. Co-Sleeper

A co-sleeper is the cheapest alternative to a baby bassinet and crib. Most co-sleepers are much smaller to let nursing mothers share the bed with their little one and still sleep comfortably.

You may also decide to use it in the mini crib and watch your baby to sleep. That said, you can use the co-sleeper as a travel mat or tummy time aid.

I particularly love the Co-Sleeper for Baby by the Little Grape Land. I like how it offers a snug environment to soothe the baby to sleep. Plus, it’s transportable.   

Besides that, the fabric is hypoallergenic and breathable so you won’t have to worry about overheating or safety risks. 


  • Base is Soft and comfy
  • Padded walls are strong but not hard
  • Fabric clean easily


  • Shell may be difficult to put back after washing

3. Travel Crib

Travel cribs are designed to be unbelievably lightweight and truly portable. Excellent choice if you’re looking to spend lots of time travelling with your little one.

Most travel cribs do not take much space to fit in tight spaces next to your queen bed. Personally I’ve used the Lotus Travel Crib and in my experience, it’s worth a try.

The mattress is well padded but you can place a blanket beneath the sheet to make it comfier. Another interesting feature is the side-zippered entrance, great for crawling babies to wander in and out.

Setting up the travel crib is incredibly simple, literally in a span of seconds. I also like how it compresses into a cube to fit in its sturdy carry case or stow it away when you don’t need it.


  • Simple to set up or take down
  • Lightweight
  • Compresses into a compact package


  • I wish it comes with a sheet

4. Playard

If you don’t fancy travel cribs, I recommend a Playard if you love going out on vocations and you’re seeking for a nice product for your little one to sleep in.

Many models are built with side mesh walls for breathability and to contain the baby so he doesn’t wander off if you prefer using it at night.

Most parents prefer the Joovy Room Playard since its almost 50-percent larger than the traditional models. The Playard is huge with plenty of space to grow with baby or fit families with twins.

I like that it comes with a soft fitted sheet as well as a zippered case to help you carry the Playard in trips. The Playard isn’t that lightweight, but the two wheels certainly makes it mobile.


  • It’s roomy
  • The two wheels make it portable
  • It comes with a carry case


  • It’s a little heavy

5. Snuggle Nest

Snuggle nest is a quality lounger specifically designed for newborns from birth time all through his first year.  

What I love about the Snuggle Nest are the cuddling sides so it feels like the womb. Plus, you can place it in the crib or use it in your own bed.

Perfect for little ones who have a difficult sleeping. Parents say it helps baby sleep soundly entire night.

Classic choice is the Mamibaby Baby Lounger. Inside it is stuffed with hypoallergenic polyfill that make it firm but very soft. Overall, it is thick, truly comfortable and incredibly breathable.

It does come with a zippered cover so you can take out for washing. But what you’ll love most is its lightweight design and convenient handles. It even comes with travel bag to carry with you along for sleep overs.


  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Handles make it portable
  • Washable


  • Not ideal for active babies

6. Moses Basket

Not sold on the Snuggle Nest? Moses Basket is another amazing choice for newborns before they begin to turn over.

As a set, Moses Basket includes the handmade basket, padded bedding, 2 fitted sheets and a thick foam pad.

For starters, Moses Basket is simply hand woven from natural palm leaves. Both side walls are soft and very comfy. Overall, the basket seems sturdy and well-made.  

I find Moses Baskets much simpler to take to places than Travel Cribs and Playards. It’s huge and incredibly lightweight.

Most Moses Baskets should last your baby a while especially through his first year. Take out the bedding and simply use it as storage for baby products when he outgrows it.


  • Affordable
  • Mattress pad is comfy
  • Basket is super lightweight


  • Sheet may shrink when put in the dryer

Bottom Line

These are the best bassinet alternatives many experts recommend. Whichever alternative you decide to pick, be sure you follow AAP guidelines so it does not pose any fatal or infant suffocation risk.

Any other alternative you’ve used I did not include in the guide? Was it comfortable enough? Let me know if you have other suggestions so I can share with others.

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