Aquaphor vs Desitin: Which is Better for Your Baby?

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Baby diapering has never been easy. Apart from diaper blowouts, another major challenge many parents face is how to completely eliminate the constant diaper rashes that always manifest on the baby’s bottom.

Fortunately, there are ointments exclusively created either to heal or prevent the rashes. Aquaphor vs Desitin are the two top respected brands and the most recommended to resolve the diaper rash issues.

Both of them as closely similar, but which brand is better? How are they different? Let’s find out how the two diaper rash creams compare to help you decide on the best brand.

Aquaphor vs Desitin: Overview

Both Aquaphor and Desitin cream have been specially formulated for the skins of sensitive babies. No paraben, dye, phthalate and other toxic ingredients are added since they’re likely to cause irritation to the delicate skin.

Instead, they’re both hypoallergenic with zinc oxide that forms a layer of protection to seals out the diaper wetness from reaching the baby’s skin.

Two huge differences stand out between the two brands:

Destin has a lot more ingredients than Aquaphor. Because of the fewer ingredients, Aquaphor is more of a simple cream for the prevention and healing of mild diaper rash.

Destin is slightly advanced and a better choice to treat existing rashes or babies who are constantly vulnerable to rashes. It forms a heavier layer between the baby’s skin and nappy and therefore its more effective on stubborn rashes than Aquaphor.

Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment Review

Manufactured with fewer ingredients than Destin, Aquaphor diaper rash cream has been clinically tested to heal and restore the previously damaged skin into the smooth and healthy form.

The ointment is comprised of active and inactive ingredients. Active ingredient is petroleum while the inactive ingredients are Panthenol, Bisabolol, Glycerin, Mineral Oil, Lanolin Alcohol and Ceresin.

The ingredients together form a smooth and white cream that has a tender and greasy texture similar to Vaseline. When applied appropriately, the ointment will alleviate the issue just within 6-hours after use.

It rubs easily forming a protective barrier that stops friction from building between the nappy and the skin. Or the moisture and feces enzymes from getting to the skin and cause the horrible reactions.

It also soothes the skin and helps in the healing of eczema, cuts, burns and other scars the baby may have.

The uniquely formulated cream lets in oxygen to help in the healing process. Panthenol and Glycerin moisturizes and makes the skin to feel smoother and gentle.

Bisabolol reduces inflammation by responding to the rashes to aid in the repair and healing of the damaged skin.

It works superbly well as well on drool rash when the baby is teething and the issue will be gone within a day or a few days.

Other than using the cream with the baby, any member of the family can use it to heal a scaly, bleeding and cracked skin just within a couple of days.

Desitin Daily Defense Review

Desitin Daily Defense is available as a tube or in a jar. The jar is 6-ounce while the cream tube is 2-ounce. The ointment can be whitish or light blue depending on the option you’re using.

Despite the difference in packaging, both are specially formulated with zinc oxide and hypoallergenic formula that take effect quickly when it is applied.

Unlike Aquaphor baby, zinc oxide is the active ingredient. Inactive Desitin ingredients are also more when compared to Aquaphor.  

Apart from zinc oxide, Desitin cream is rich in beeswax, mineral oil, water, petrolatum, sorbitan, dimethicone, glycerin, leaf extract, tropolone, potassium hydroxide, magnesium sulphate and a host of other inactive ingredients.

Like Aquaphor, it forms a defensive coating that keeps off the diaper wetness from getting to the skin and help treat the nappy rash. It stops the diarrhea episodes from reacting with the skin while bringing instant relief on previous sores.

The whitish cream is tender enough to apply every time you change the diaper. It is somewhat thick, featuring a slick texture that addresses the rash within 12-hours after applying.

It rubs smoothly and wipes off on hands pretty easily yet protecting your baby until the next time you change the diaper. It’s also amazing how it washes off well pretty easily when it gets to the clothes.

Is Desitin safe? Sure  it is. However, when applying tube, you may experience some mild scent which may be unpleasant if you’re allergic to fragrances. But there is no scent on the version with container.

So, Aquaphor vs Desitin Which is Better?

Picking between Aquaphor and Desitin will depend on the severity of the diaper rashes and the sensitivity of the baby.

Aquaphor is a simple diaper rash cream for general moisturizing and prevention of mild rashes. For severe symptoms and constantly recurring rashes, then Desitin is undoubtfully inevitable.

Overall, even though Aquaphor is manufactured with lesser ingredients, it has more diverse uses than Desitin diaper rash cream. You can use Aquaphor baby to address both the issue of diaper rash as well as dry skin, cracks, eczema and a host of other skin problems by family members.

You can start with Aquaphor then swap over to Desitin cream if the rashes are intense or do not go away.

Directions When Using the Ointment

  • Remove the soiled diapers
  • Clean the baby’s bottom and let air dry
  • Rub the cream smoothly after every diaper change
  • Apply more ointment to form a thicker layer on affected areas

Safety Precautions

  • Don’t rub your eyes when applying the ointment
  • Do not use the product on open cuts, deep wounds, severe burns and animal bites
  • Stop using the product immediately if the condition deteriorates and seek further medical advice
  • Consult the doctor if the symptoms recur a few days after clearing

Bottom Line

In rare instances, these diaper creams may not work with your baby even if they’re successful with others. Since every baby is different, some babies may be allergic to the building blocks while others will not.

For that reason, you may need to try a lot of other options before you’re successful. Fortunately, most parents report a positive magical change few days after using Aquaphor or Desitin cream.  

If you’ve tried other ointments with worse results, you should give a shot to either of these brands. You’ll be surprised at how the rashes go away immediately or within a few days!


What Bring About the Diaper Rash?

Diaper rash occurs when urine or feces get their way to the skin. The contents in the wastes may react with the skin causing unpleasant irritation and reddish appearance on the skin. However, most diaper rash results when the wet diapers rub against the sensitive skin. It may also arise if the baby is allergic to the chemicals on diapers, baby wipes or the baby detergent you’re using.

How Can I Tell My Baby is Suffering from Diaper Rash?

Diaper rash appear in the form of redness, pinkness or small bumps on the baby’s bottom, the genital area or on specific spots. Sometimes the skin can be dry, flaking or chafing which is also a sign of diaper rash. In rare cases, diaper rash relates with the folds on the baby’s skin.

How Do I Prevent Diaper Rash from Forming?

One key secret is to change the soiled diapers immediately or after a few minutes to prevent the wetness from getting into contact with the delicate skin. Another important thing is to make sure the baby’s genitals and bottom are completely dry before you put on another diaper. You may also move to cloth diapers if your baby is allergic to the chemicals found in the disposable diapers.

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